Let yourself be carried away on a wonderful journey


Wellness and health specialists ready to provide you with the necessary tools to live your daily life in the best way. Our team, made up of Personal Trainers, Psychologists, Philosophers, Trainers, Coaches, Naturopaths and Doctors support and collaborate with Voyamee and contribute every day to improve the life of those who rely on Voyamee.

I am Ana Laura Ramirez and since 2003 I have been dealing with tourism and wellness and, together with my team, the constant search for the best combination of both to offer you unique and authentic wellness trips.
Thanks to synergies with local operators, active for over 30 years, we are able to offer you the best facilities and experiences helping you to recover the quality of your life and to enjoy treatments and curative therapies appropriate to your needs.

Travel as a detachment from routine represents the most effective way to find health and balance. Respect for the body, nature and people are our main values; we want you to gather the best from each experience to make you come back regenerated and with the best version of yourself.
Voyamee’s trips, tours and designed experiences allow the development of balance and mental serenity, favoring a context of sociability overcoming the ailments of everyday life.

Regeneration, transformation and knowledge are the results obtained when traveling and Voyamee wants to satisfy all your travel needs with the security and tranquility of making you live a unique experience.
To keep everything up to date and available online, our family is also made up of a web master and an operating department.

Our mission is to provide a portal where you can find information, tools, products and travels that can constantly improve your life, help you find the best version of yourself and where you can share your well-being with more and more people!.



Our philosophy always puts prevention first and aims at achieving Global Wellness through tailor-made wellness breaks that include healthy nutrition, physical activity, yoga programs, teachings to maintain a healthy lifestyle, regenerative and non-invasive aesthetic medicine and preventive, natural therapies, activities for rebalancing, spa and spa treatments; programs dedicated to detox, weight loss or fitness recovery as well as psycho-physical balance through medical check-ups with qualified experts in high-level structures in different parts of the world.

We want to make sense of free time, holidays, the sense of feeling good to improve the quality of life and neutralize the causes of the ailments that afflict us every day.

Voyamee takes care of identifying the characteristics of the wellness break that contain the elements necessary to improve your state of malaise because the journey not only feeds new stimuli and new reactions but, even when we think we don’t need it, it acts without our knowledge on our mind giving us a psychological therapy that can lead us back to the best and truest part of us, recharging us with new energy and new perspectives.


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