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  • Blue Monday? No thanks.

    Blue Monday?
    the saddest day of the year, antidotes and leverage to regain vitality, strength and happiness!
    The third Monday in January is generally the saddest day of the year, according to research such as that of Cardiff University psychologist Cliff Arnall.

  • Osteoporosis, symptoms, causes, prevention and treatment! Spa Therapy

    what is osteoporosis and how do you treat it? Osteoporosis is defined as a systemic pathology of the skeleton characterized by loss of bone mass and alterations in the micro architecture of bone tissue.

  • The importance of disconnecting ourselves from cuotinianity to reconnect with goals!

    2020 Goals! disconnect from everyday life to reconnect with goals! the time that passes without you being happy and having a goal is time wasted. Find the habit that will change your life…

  • Regenerative Medicine!

    2020 and Regenerative Medicine!

    Joint pain? dermatological problems? blemishes? Regenerative Medicine has the answer!  It is the most effective, long-lasting and least invasive option to face these problems. Discover how and what’s new for 2020!

  • Christmas has arrived, here’s how you can prepare!

    Prepare to Christmas ?
    The Christmas season officially began, full of joy, love, family, friends, gifts, and many beautiful things. For us at Voyamee, too, it is the best time of the year. We like to see hope everywhere, smiling faces, the wonder in the eyes of children and even those who remain children forever, yes because one of the joys of this life is to choose to remain children forever.

  • Change of season without trauma

    Are you starting to feel down? are you feeling hungry at unexpected times? are you more irritable than usual?
    Leave the house with a thermos containing a quantity of the right herbal tea for at least half of the day, in this way, as soon as your body begins to tremble, drink some herbal tea that allows you to heat the internal organs and manage not to waste energy in excess

  • How to get rid of cellulite and water retention

    SPA…Total relax. Today I’ll tell you what are the benefits that the different areas of a spa offer, what they are called, and where to start to find maximum functionality! I am…