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  • Spring detox guide manual

    Detox & slimming manual. Considering also the drastic change of habits we are experiencing, it is time to have some more notions about detoxification of our body.

  • Self-regulating nervous system meditation!

    Let’s take a small moment to experience the self-regulating capacity of our Nervous System through listening to the sensations in our body!

  • A transformative event!

    A transformative event! rediscover ourselves. The coronavirus epidemic, should leave some reflection on what ‘otherness’ means as the constitutive dimension of our subjectivity.

  • Habits guide to regain your wellbeing

    Did you know that the implementation time for a new HEALING HABITUDE in your daily routine is about 21 days?

  • Keep our mind and body active #Keeptherhythmon by FDR PT

    Keep our mind and body active. Forced quarantine? What to do at home to keep us healthy!

  • Ideas for strengthening the immune system & Corona Virus Special!

    Ideas to strengthen the immune system – special Covid-19! We have two types of immune system:
    Genetically coded innate immunity and acquired immunity, like antibodies. Here are the strategies to strengthen the immune system.

  • Manual against panic for the new Coronavirus

    New Coronavirus Anti-Panic Handbook: Maintain the balance between the feeling of fear and objective risk. This simple figure allows you to see the fear of the coronavirus in perspective to its real effects.

  • Sauna: utmost renewal

    Sauna, utmost renewal: slimming purification, relaxation! everything you need to know to make the most of the time you spend in the spa!

  • #EachForEqual – Embrace yourself

    Embrace yourself, increase your womanhood. Feeling your femininity

    “Femininity” is a pretty fluid concept, which mostly struggles not to get stuck in one-sided definitions: they may equate femininity with being a woman who embodies characteristics like being nurturing, sensitive, demure, or sweet, but femininity cannot be understood as a fixed set of essential traits that characterize all women.

  • Prevention

    Time to prevention! Prevention is the key… In the second decade of the 21st century several new diseases are appearing and will continue to appear, not only of infectious origin but also of metabolic origin…your body therefore needs you, needs your care! Just like 7 million years ago, human beings need to move around, eat natural food, hydrate, sunbathe and rest, and these are the basics the fundamentals of prevention and health!