Corporate Welfare

The well-being of the Company depends on the well-being of each member. Voyamee represents the best tool for companies that want to achieve this.


Employees aware of the objectives, satisfied with their work and calm both at work and in the family, become more creative, productive and the level of absenteeism is significantly reduced. This equates to a substantial increase in the well-being of the company

What can Voyamee do for your Company?

Voyamee helps companies bring within their offices, among their employees, wellness through four specific methods:

Team Building

Good habits implementation

Company wellness checkup

Team Building

The well-being of a Company is a reflection of the well-being of its members, therefore well-being in the workplace begins with the Team Building.
For this reason, Voyamee offers a series of unique activities and experiences aimed at increasing productivity, efficiency and creativity through the synergy between all members of the Team.


  • Wellness
  • Fitness & Yoga
  • Adventure & Outdoor
  • Team Building Cooking Class
  • Wine Tasting Team Building
  • Artistic Experience

These are just some of the activities we can develop together, based on the goal you want the team to reach.

The three types of Voyamee Team Building that Voyamee offers to companies


Company Team Building

Just for a single Company


Self Building

for two or more members of differents Companies


Project Building

for two or more members of differents Companies

Some examples of  our Team Building

Leadership and time management


  • The 5 cornerstones for being or becoming a true Leader
  • Strategic and effective communication
  • causativity
  • Emotional levels and positive emotional energy
  • How to manage and motivate colleagues and collaborators
  • How to have Values and Goals aligned
  • Delegation
  • Time management
All this has an evident impact in terms of productivity, management and business strategy, with an increase in effectiveness of 60% in the medium to long term. (WFC- World Forum Economic data).
program developed by Mara Mussoni

Listen, learn, act.

Share your idea, catch your goal!

FOCUS Active listening

  • Did you know that today our attention span has dropped to 8 seconds?
    Think about stories: do you look at them all the way? And it’s only 15 seconds each.
  • Unfortunately, too often we use the same attention to listen to others and ourselves.
  • What would happen in an orchestra if a musician did not listen to his instrument and what he has at his side? What if he is the conductor?
Good news, you can train while having fun!
program developed by Valentina Carbonera

Stress prevention and management to improve the quality of work


This work helps people to perceive the effects of thoughts, fears and experiences in the body. It allows you to build new internal experiences and to support S.N.A. in letting go of the excess activation. It is of fundamental importance to recognize and understand the activations of the system to acquire the self-regulation capacity that leads us to reducing stress. To do this we will use a fundamental tool called “felt sense” or feeling or conscious sensation that will allow us to explore and get to know our nervous system.
program developed by Federica Calanca

The corporate future through training


Strengthening and making the staff interact in all its components must be the subject of continuity in the generational transfer or in the transfer of ownership, one of the reasons why those who buy put an option at 3/5 years in the event of the founder leaving because he has to check if the staff can keep the company efficient.

An effective way to understand that the team achieves a better result by eliminating the inefficiencies of the individual.

program developed by Enzo Zauli
Some of our best coaches…!

Valentina Carbonera

Trainer, career and mental coach

Federica Calanca

Psychologist and psychotherapist

Enzo Zauli

Trainer and consultant in business strategy

Mara Mussoni

ICF accredited coach, Cancer coach trainer

Welfare plan

welfare deals with the quality health and leisure of employees in order to enhance their physical and mental well-being, which translates into an increase in work efficiency even in the short term.

The steps are simple:

  • Converting the production award into company welfare
  • Use a fee to book trips and wellness holidays

The production premium converted into welfare is completely tax-free, contrary to what happens with the classic production premium.

Why is it a good choice for your company?

  • Employee bonus and increased employee productivity
  • Improvement of the company’s image and reputation
  • Effective motivational drive to create harmony and cohesion across the enterprise

Voyamee has a wide range of carefully selected trips and holidays to ensure a real benefit to the health and well-being of your business, starting from the specific needs of the same.

Good Habits Implementation

Voyamee offers a system of implementation of good habits starting from the desired wellness goal. The system, through a series of questions, identifies exactly the type of physical or mental malaise and, for twenty-one days, accompanies you to the achievement of healthy and good habits thus obtaining both a preventive and soothing effect of the identified malaise.
You can start improving your habits by connecting to

Company Wellness Checkup

Voyamee, through a statistical system, measures the level of well-being and health of employees and the key productivity factors in companies.

We provide a flexible and customizable system to be implemented within the company. Its functionality is based on a “question / answer” test which company employees can access anonymously, thus providing an indicative value of corporate wellness called CWI (Company Wellness Index). The CWI is an indicator that allows the company to identify the weak links of its ecosystem and to find the most effective corrective action, in terms of well-being, aimed at improving the mental approach in the workplace and therefore productivity. The test is provided in a free version from 0 to 20 employees.

We improve the well-being of your company!

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