Mexico travel experiences

An interweaving between history and culture where ancient and contemporary blend together to create a unique synergy with a foot in both worlds.

As soon as your feet touch Mexican land you will feel embrace; an infinite embrace that plunges your being of happiness, passion, love, you will be overwhelmed in a sea of colors and then lulled with the music of marimba, mariachis with the songs of Natalia Lafurcade.
Mexico awakens you with its smells, its pungent and inviting flavors; the guacamole, the tacos, the cochinita pibill.

The ability of people to welcome you with care and tenderness as if I were his son. The union of 2 worlds, union in the hearts of people. A land where you never feel alone, because the strength of that land, of that people, of those places, takes possession of you and enters into your heart, into life to stay... always! Mexico is Love.

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Best Season:All year round
Popular Location: City of Mexico, Oaxaca, Mèrida, Cancun, Acapulco, Tulum

Mexico itineraries

    Self-Love108 Retreat

    5 Days
    Wellness > Yoga

    The literal translation of yoga is "union" Yoga is to forge the union between our body and our spirit. Our breath is the conduit or ...

    from $1,300.00