Detox & Body Care Tips

Detox” or “Detoxification” is the process of removing impure substances from the body.
It is likely that you heard about this topic already, but the truth is that there are many misconceptions and misconceptions related to this concept.
Did you know that your body has natural methods to eliminate toxins, thanks to the work of your liver, kidneys, digestive system, skin and lungs, but only when these organs are healthy can they actually eliminate unwanted substances from your body and keep it in shape and balance?

Below you will find some simple but functional tips that you can implement in a concrete way to facilitate the process of detoxification of your body:


As mentioned above, our body is a perfect machine that, however, needs maintenance. During seasonal changes, as the cold season progresses, we tend to ingest more caloric foods that damage the liver and its natural functioning.
It is therefore advisable, in this context, to try to avoid certain nutrients such as alcohol, fat, flour and refined sugars, which, if consumed excessively can lead to a feeling of permanent fatigue, headaches, the appearance of dark circles, apathy and lack of vitality.

Try to integrate natural antioxidant foods into your normal diet, such as seasonal fruits and vegetables, berries, nuts, cocoa, coffee, green tea and some spices such as turmeric and ginger. Other allies of the detox cure that can be considered, then, are herbal teas and decoctions, thalassotherapy, or ayurvedic treatments.

Immune system

In addition to a healthy and balanced diet and constant rest, it is important to manage the levels of anxiety, stress and fatigue that can have a decisive impact on your immune system and its defenses, as well as on your mental and physical health.
Consider including chlorella algae or coriander in your diet, substances that increase the elimination of toxins and help defend your immune system.
Finally, remember to reward yourself with breaks or small trips, depending on your possbility. In this way, you can help your body regenerate and lower the levels of anxiety and stress that, if not properly managed, can lead your immune system to get sick much faster.


Last but not least, try to minimize exposure as much as possible.
Conscious prevention is your first, and most valuable, weapon of defense.
Try to avoid household cleaners, plastic, processed foods and other places where toxins are stored. A good place to start is the Environmental Working Group (EWG), which provides a wide range of information about the identification of where toxins are stored on a daily basis.

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