The history of the most beautiful town in Tuscany, Val d'Orcia and Valdichiana

Today we will go a little deeper into the wonderful Tuscany one of the most authentic regions of Italy.
We will talk about the two most famous valleys in the world, namely the Val d’Orcia and the Valdichiana.

I start my story from Caffè Polizziano, in the heart of Montepulciano, drinking a coffee and looking from the terrace at the fantastic Valdichiana.
In this chapter, i wanted to tell the wonderful feeling i felt discovering the millenary history that these valleys tell, everything begins in the Etruscan era.

These places were the capital of Etruria, with precision the city of Chiusi which is located 20 km. from Montepulciano. The Etruscans were the people who created the basis for the economy and agriculture in Italy.

They arrived in the Tuscan region 7 centuries B.C. bringing the fantastic cypresses that were considered sacred trees, believed in fact that they brought souls in heaven and protected the villages from the wind and disasters. They were also the first to cultivate vines for wine production, and this is why Italy is the world’s leading wine producer, thanks to the land but also to the teachings and culture that has been perfected century after century.

These 2 wonderful valleys, tell the story of beauty, essence, quality, wonder and wonder. In the Val d’Orccia we can see unimaginable colours, intense greens and immense valleys full of carefully designed roads immersed between long and mighty cypresses, while in the Valdichiana we find valleys full of vineyards and vegetable cultivations, such as eggplants and tomatoes but also fields full of olive trees where the fantastic Tuscan olive oil is produced that accompanies the Florentine Chianina or Tuscan bruschetta.

Another thing that this region gives me is the traditions, the welcome of families, respect for the land and animals, and every time I return I find something more that fascinates me and makes me beat my heart so strong that I want to share with you all these emotions, and that is why I want to tell and share the emotions that these valleys give me, i want to infect you with my feelings and open the window of your curiosity to share with you all this beauty and help you plan what will be your next trip full of wonder, beauty, taste and traditions!

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Ana Laura Ramirez

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