Italy in Wine

Would you like to know about Italy and its wine, this is the fifth chapter of voyamee bits for wellness and today i will talk about the history of the wine in Italy, are you ready? Lest start!

Talking about Italy and its wines, first of all, is to undertake a long journey rich in history, culture, millennial traditions, lots lots of grapes and a vast variety of types of wine as it is not found in any other country of the world.

Italy has a long wine production history; archaeological finds have shown that the Etruscans were the first to cultivate vines in the 8th century BC.
Italians have been producing wine for centuries and in fact it is believed that it was the Romans 2000 years ago who brought grapes from Italy to the other regions on the world. Another important fact about Italy is that it produces more wine than any other country in the world. In Italy there are about 12 main wine-growing regions and there are more than 300 different grape species. Mother Nature was particularly generous and elected Italy as the country of wine and grapes.

Now I want to tell you a little bit about its history.
In the Roman era wine was seen as an indispensable resource for survival; for many centuries, it was considered as a real food, therefore, more wine was produced and it was better, an other funny thing is that the Romans were used to drinking for the beloved woman, drinking as many glasses as there were letters that composed her name. Those who loved Anna were drinking 4 glasses, but those who loved a Justina 7 glasses.

Also, in the Roman world there were also tabernas. These were places similar to taverns, real winery where wine was sold at retail. Sweet cakes, eggs and cheese, fresh fruit, vegetables and chickpeas were served together with the wine, one of the most similar examples are the bacari in Venice, if you go there you’ll find some places opened since 1462 and here you can taste the cicchetti, a little sandwiches or bruschette accompanied by the shadows of wine or ombre di vino!

However, in the last years Italian oenology has been the protagonist of a real revolution, in 1982 the production of wine all over the world has increased a lot and there has been a drastic change in wine consumption, so the Bel Paese has changed a production characterized by large quantities of high quality production, providing consumers with excellent wines.
Each region cultivates different types of vines and then produces wines that characterize the region according to the land where they are grown, and it is impressive to see it interspersed with flavors in the wines that try to taste a wine produced with Sangiovese Toscano to another product with Sangiovese grapes of Emilia Romagna, or another one totally different from Campania or Puglia.

Today I’leave you with a dream, the dream of traveling through this wonderful country where i have the fortune to live. It’s a journey that you will realize discovering, living, tasting and enjoying the excellence of the center north Italy, culinary and oenological excellence but also full of cultural places, nature and a little sports itineraries, such as cycling routes in Veneto.

Every little detail designed and chosen to give your life unforgettable emotions and experiences. I wish you all the best to realize this journey, to realize this dream.

In the next chapters we will see the regions of Italy, its wines but also the best local dishes .
Leave me a comment if you want to see a wine or know a region in particular. Let me know if you liked today’s chapter.

For thank you for having been with me even today, as always take care of your wellbeing spends a fantastic week and an excellent day!

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