From 0 to 10 km of run in 10 weeks training – benefits of Running

After 3 km you begin to feel that your body is flying, your mind is free and the stress has completely disappeared, as well as feeling fit and in a good mood. You want to know what are all the other benefits that you get with the race? Stay with me, today we will see how to start running, the benefits you will have in doing so and how to get to 10 km without effort! Are you ready? let’s get started!!

I think it’s the only sport in which you can become an athlete independently, you don’t have to have a subscription in gyms, associations or have a personal coach, and so we remove the first wall of resistance to start playing sport. By this i do not mean that the support of professionals is not necessary but that to begin with they are not indispensable. Surely with the support of professionals the practice becomes effective and mainly safe. The other walls of resistance are time and space but, in reality, to run we only need a park or a street, and 30 minutes of our day; finally considering that the expense is very low, because you just need to have a good pair of running shoes. We don’t have more excuse at this point.

There are so many benefits to running; I have heard so many people being for and against the race. In my personal opinion i believe that for any sporting activity it is essential to be informed, to know the times and the different forms of training, the shoes to use, the precise technique to do it, the heating, the stretching, the feeding, the exercises to integrate, in short, information.
For me, sports are like magnificent dishes, they need a recipe made of various ingredients, a personal touch, respect for the times and a lot of discipline.
Now i’ll tell you some of the reasons why the race is good for your health, and

then i’ll leave you a training plan to go from walking to running 10 km in 10 weeks, what do you say, you wanted?

You’ll have the nightly rest you’ve always dreamed of:

Imagine sleeping 8 hours in a row deeply; wake up with your eyes rested and full of energy, here is one of the benefits of this sport, the ride improves your sleep quality and promotes restful night and the days are much more beautiful when we slept well, right?

Fantastic anti-stress and problem-solving:
Racing is one of the best stress relievers. As you run you can sweep away negative thoughts and flood yourself with creativity, new ideas or find a solution to problems, thanks to the amount of oxygen in your body while you run.

It is one of the best antidepressants:
The mechanism of production of endorphins and serotonin is unleashed at full power with running and as I always tell you, endorphins and serotonin are wonderful substances that we have inside our bodies, they just need to activate to make us immensely happy, and they activate with running!

You can really lost weight:
By running you activate all the muscles of the body, a person of 70 kg with 5 km of basic running in the plain, burns approximately 350 Kcal, the calories burned increase depending on the temperature, the slopes and various other factors, but does not end here, because your body will continue to burn calories faster even after the race, when you’re at rest!

Reduces the risk of osteoporosis and strengthens the joints:
Many articles say that running ruins the knees, it is the combination of excess and lack of balance between the various factors that ruins not only the knees but also the rest of the body. In case of obesity, diabetes, hypertension, back and joint diseases, consult your doctor beforehand. If we have excellent state of health, with 2 running sessions of 30 minutes per week, the risk of osteoporosis is lowered by 40%, this is due to the flow of oxygen and the reduction of toxins thus also strengthening tendons and ligaments.

Improves digestion:
Thanks to oxygen, which finds a greater force to reach our whole body, food is metabolized more quickly. Also remember to increase the amount of water you drink, especially on training days.

Improves cognitive function:
For children and teens who cannot concentrate, running is good method to concentreate. By running, their learning abilities are enhanced compared to sedentary peers. Training increases cerebral vascularity, so our brain works better and stays young for longer. Running improves one’s ability to learn and is good for one’s memory.

Lengthens your life:
Many studies have shown that those who run for 30 minutes 3 times a week can reduce their biology age by 9 years, and this I also confirm. Since I’ve been running my health has improved by 70%. and when oxygenation comes into circulation our skin tones up. We must pay particular attention to the sun, we must always run with a hat, sun glasses and sunblock, especially if the days are particularly sunny.

The 3 km step and the self-esteem multiplied X 100:
And here comes into play the 3 km, once you reach this step the feeling is beautiful, self-esteem grows in an exponential way, and comes into play another hormone of happiness that is dopamine, the reward hormone. After this step you will want to go on and as if at every km you give yourself a prize, you will begin to have better performance, better posture, healthier skin, less body fat and muscles more toned and then feel that you are improving and that you have control of your body and your life, will do miracles for your self-esteem.

Strengthens your immune system:
Up to 30 km a week will also benefif your immune system, it will have a positive effect on your defense system, but be careful because, once we pas this point, the effect begins to be the opposite, like all things, everything must be in balanced! In order to complete the flat work well, we must pay attention to the quality of the rest and of our feeding.

It makes you disciplined:
This is one of the aspects that has given me a great deal of benefit. Any goal you set needs discipline, habits, perseverance, and willpower, and running teaches you that. Great athletes are the most disciplined people I know, and this shows that to achieve any goal you need discipline and why not … start from the practice of running!

And these are some of the main benefits of this beautiful sport but does not end here, as I told you at the beginning, all disciplines are recipes rich in ingredients and in the next chapters we will see the integration of other factors such as strength workouts, recovery time, nutrition, streaching and many other things.

In the up you will find the link that takes you to a basic training table from where you start walking and you get to run 10 km in 10 weeks, what do you say? accept the challenge, if yes, join the FB group to participate in the challenge, share with everyone else the progress and have many tips that will help you to feel good and plan your next trip in the race!
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Thanks for being with me today, for the support and all the nice things!

I see you here next week
and do not waste time, look for your well-being.

Ana Laura Ramirez
Your wellness travel planner

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