Keep our mind and body active #Keeptherhythmon by FDR PT

In this period of epochal change that our society is going through, I would like to encourage you, or rather I would like us to encourage each other, with this slogan “ #Keeptherhythmon“, why?! And what does it mean?

We are living unfortunately or fortunately (since things never happen by chance) one of the biggest and most significant social experiments, perhaps the biggest ever for this world.
The epidemic that is infecting a huge number of people, in a considerable number of different countries, is forcing us, in order to hinder this Virus, to limit the contacts between us, therefore staying at home as much as possible, depriving us of so many moments and habits that before we did not even give importance to and now we feel the need to relive them.

Going out in the morning, going to work, going to the gym or running in the park, interacting with people, exchanging glances and smiles, shopping, going out in the evening, eating at a restaurant or having a drink with friends, travelling by train or taking a flight, in short everything we were used to doing and that kept us alive and active especially mentally.

Precisely for this last reason I decided to write this article, “keep our mind and body active”, because the less we move and the less we will want to do it, the more we eat and the hungrier we will be, the less we are in contact with others and the less we will want to interact!

So I want to propose you a series of advices, to #keep upright in these days, not to stay behind, to take back our habits, our moments, our lives!

Plan your day

  • Alarm clock
    Try not to get too much sleep, keep your alarm clock on like you have to go to work! Waking up not too late allows us not to become lazy, to activate our nervous system as soon as possible, and mentally pushes us to improve our productivity.
    Continuing to eat healthily means that at times when we can unfortunately move less, we do not gain weight and in particular do not accumulate fat mass.

  • Meals

starting with breakfast, prepare something healthy, with all the necessary macronutrients, at lunch and dinner don’t overdo it and try to keep the intermediate snacks.


  • Movement Spend an hour of your time a day to keep yourself physically active, whether it’s circuit training, Pilates, yoga, walking, the important thing is not to stand still.Physical activity is essential especially in these periods, it strengthens our immune system, keeps our metabolism active, allows our body not to alter the physiological processes that make us strong and less vulnerable to external attacks, such as this “virus”.



  • Mind
    Read a book, pick a topic and study it, pick up those things you left halfway through, or discover new ones and keep your brain active. Stimulating our mind and our creativity by reading, documenting, exploring new themes and topics or maybe reviewing old things, helps us to keep our brain awake and who knows … find a new passion.





  • Social
    don’t spend too much time on your mobile phone, use socials in an appropriate way, but keep in touch with other people, call whoever you want, talk, maybe use this moment to resent those who unfortunately you have lost sight of and would like to know how he is… The use of social media these days certainly helps us not to isolate ourselves and keep us informed about what’s going on, but we must not get too used to this routine, because without realizing it we are quickly sucked by our smartphones. Instead, let’s keep in touch with as many people as possible, so that we don’t feel lonely and create a bond at a distance, but that one day it will be close again, which is normal.

  • Relax
    after having followed all the previous points, take some moments of leisure/relax to watch a movie, meditate, rest, in short everything that makes you relieve stress! Finally, let’s take some time to rest, to meditate, to watch a movie, a TV series, to be alone in silence with our thoughts to find or rediscover ourselves, let’s use this time to understand what makes us feel good or not good, to understand what we really want in this life, to bring our mind back in contact with our body.

In this way we can maintain our psychophysical balance, or rather we try to do it, we try to adapt to a surreal situation, which is putting us to the test, and that we didn’t think it was so difficult to face, precisely because it had never happened before.

They seem like trivial and obvious points, but in these situations of abnormality they can make a difference, and they can help us to maintain or resume our rhythm.

I believe that these moments serve to make us understand how lucky we are, we are free to choose what to do and where to go, we live a life full of moments and opportunities that we often do not take advantage of, that we do not give too much importance to and we realize only when we are deprived of them!

#Keeptherhythm we’ll soon be back to our lives!

Credits by Francesco Di Raimo Personal Trainer! 

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