Metabolic training

All people who approach the world of fitness dream of shaping their bodies and losing weight, keeping the results as long as possible without too much effort. The desire for an enviable silhouette is confronted with different training methods, each one characterized by a specific protocol and a set pool of goals.
Metabolic fitness is a workout that aims to awaken the metabolism so that the body burns a large number of calories both during the training session and during the hours after training.
This type of training is built around free-body exercises or exercises with fitness equipment with the aim of stimulating the body’s chemical and biological reactions responsible for proper metabolic activity.

Why do metabolic training?
The awakening of the body’s metabolism is not the only super benefit attributable to metabolic training, considering that many people are starting to look at this protocol as a way to achieve a healthy lifestyle that escapes many ailments. The super benefits of metabolic training enrich the profile of a workout designed to be successful regardless of the positive physical effects.

Here are just a few of the benefits of metabolic training:

  • Solution to bad habits: Metabolic training is a solution to an unregulated lifestyle that manifests itself in the metabolic syndrome, i.e. the appearance of many metabolic disorders such as obesity, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia or hyperglycemia. Disorders of metabolic origin are essentially related to bad habits such as smoking, poor diet, sedentary lifestyle and stress, a series of situations that result in a poor functioning of the metabolism.
  • Activity for¬†everybody:¬† Metabolic training is a type of training that everyone can access: children, adolescents and adults. Generally the metabolic syndrome manifests itself after the age of 40, but the first signs may not appear before. Metabolic fitness can be useful both for people suffering from obesity or diabetes and for all those who want to prevent disorders related to a bad metabolism even at a young age.
  • Versatile physical work: The approach to metabolic training should be gradual and informed, perhaps working under the supervision of a qualified instructor able to analyze the personal physical condition, assess any motor problems and hypothesize the most suitable work rhythms. Most of the time it is aerobic exercises and anaerobic stations to be repeated 3 times a week based on physical condition and objectives to be achieved, combining training with holistic or gentle gymnastics sessions. After learning the basic principles and becoming familiar with the metabolic training program, you can also train autonomously at home.
  • Weight loss: Weight loss is a side effect of metabolism activation and actual training. The metabolism is stimulated to such an extent that it begins to function properly: it cures and prevents metabolic disorders and burns a large percentage of calories even during the hours following the session. There are various ways to speed up your metabolism to lose weight, so you don’t have to start training to benefit from it.
  • Strengthening muscle tone: Every movement, in addition to stimulating your metabolism, actively works on particular muscle groups and strengthens muscle tone. This type of training, therefore, increases the flow of blood into the tissues and the production of energy, allowing you to sustain prolonged efforts and continue to train a specific muscle group for longer.
  • Improved quality of life: The metabolic training program slowly improves the person’s quality of life and gives them a perfect physical fitness. The benefits are felt in the daily routine: less fatigue in household chores, less muscular-articular pain, greater fluidity in movements, extra energy to face the day, better quality of sleep and greater confidence in one’s possibilities.

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