Metabolism and muscles for an optimal level of energy and well-being

Today we talk about how to “train” metabolism and muscles to produce an optimal level of energy and well-being.

Perhaps not everyone knows that there is a substantial difference between health and fitness and precisely the physical fitness is the ability to perform an athletic activity while health is defined as that condition in which all the systems of the body, i.e. nervous, muscular bone, circulatory, digestive, lymphatic, hormonal, work optimally. Many people believe that fitness affects health, but the truth is that the two do not necessarily go hand in hand. The ideal is to have both, but putting your health first, you will always benefit enormously. If you reach your dream fitness at the expense of your health you may not live long enough to tell about it. 🙁
The optimal balance between health and fitness is achieved by training your metabolism, once you understand the mechanisms you can change not only your appearance but also your energy level.

Basically it’s about understanding the difference between aerobic and anaerobic training, between endurance and power. The term aerobic literally means “oxygenation” and refers to moderate exercise carried out over a period of time. Your aerobic system is your endurance system and is about your heart, lungs, blood vessels and aerobic muscles. If you set your aerobic system in motion with proper diet and exercise, you will burn fat which is your main fuel.

Anaerobic, on the other hand, means “without oxygenation” and it is those exercises that produce short bursts of power. During anaerobic workouts you burn the glycogen that causes the body to accumulate fat as your primary fuel.

Most exercises include both aerobic and anaerobic moments, the intensity level determines what phase you are using. A slower beat equals aerobic activity, while a faster beat equals anaerobic activity.

Today most people living in the West lead a life corresponding to a constant anaerobic state. Stress, problems, anxiety, agitation, nervous exhaustion, whoever has more of them are nothing but situations that lead the body to burn only glycogen, and the consequence is that the body will live in a state of lack of energy and vitality whose consequences are often migraine, lack of concentration, fatigue, premenstrual syndromes, circulatory problems, stiffening of the joints, altered fat metabolism, irritability and depression.

So what can be done?
Every physical training program requires, first of all, that you create an aerobic base, a period of time during which all your exercise program is based exclusively on aerobic activity, avoiding any anaerobic exercise. This period should be a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 8 months. You may supplement this basic period with anaerobic workouts 2 or 3 times a week. In doing so you will not become a super athlete but you will definitely eliminate the fat on your hips, you will be full of energy and strengthen your immune system. In a nutshell, it is the most effective way to build your health and fitness by properly training your metabolism by combining aerobic and anaerobic training.

By creating an aerobic base you will also create an extraordinary quality of energy and endurance. More oxygen and more vitality!

And how do you recognise when you’re doing aerobic or anaerobic training? If you can talk while you’re exercising you’re doing aerobic training, your breath must be audible but not heavy while you’re exercising and when you finish your body must be pleasantly tired, otherwise if you’re doing anaerobic training you’ll feel like a wreck… and that’s where warming up is so important for a double result:

Practice warming up for at least 15, 20 minutes to gradually transfer the accumulated lipidic acids in your body into your bloodstream and avoid cramping.

Try it and after 2 years your vitality will be at the level of a superhero!!


Credits @antony Robins

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