Vitality and naturopathy


🍀 Over the last few years, thousands of new philosophies have emerged with the aim of curing people’s malaise.
New professional figures have therefore appeared to them, reviving ancestral care, restoring an approach to simplicity and sometimes providing an overdose of information that often only creates confusion.
The one and important point in common of all these philosophies is to say that the best medicine is prevention. 👌
Although it is a simple and understandable term for everyone, about 80% of people do not do prevention. 🤷🏻♀️
A prevention made with small daily actions and thanks to professional support figures.
Mirella Giannuzzi, renowned Naturopath and NutriBioCoach®, will talk about prevention through naturopathy and nutrition.
Inform yourself, be aware and put her advice into practice!

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