Travel Philosophy

live a travel experience
tailored to your passions!

Exclusive and unexpected trips

You have the right to have a happy, complete and profound travel experience, that suits your favorite activities, to come back from your trip with a better version of yourself, with a greater awareness of your essence and with the body, mind and soul completely renewed.

Nature has given us wonderful sceneries, made magical by man.
Our main objective is to lead you through these places where you can rediscover your soul and strength to live at your best.

Sport, wellness and enogastronomy are part of the journey in which we will guide you, because traveling means “being transported” in a new world and a new life.

Voyamee was born with the aim of creating a travel experience tailored to your passions, focusing mainly on the knowledge and awareness of traveling in search of your well-being.

“We should create places to stop our haste and wait for the soul”

Tonino Guerra