Thermal treatments

  • Prevention health program

    Prevention, the best cure – Thermal health

    Prevents disorders caused by a sedentary lifestyle, such as muscle stiffness, joint pain, sleep disorders, circulatory problems and general fatigue.

  • The program to quit smoking

    Stop Smoking

    Skin ruined by smoking, precarious breathing? Revolutionary and successful cure to quit smoking, give up effortlessly the bad habit of smoking.

  • Menopausal check up

    Wellness break and menopausal check up

    A check that every woman should carry out to assess, especially during the menopause, the state of health and effectively highlight any abnormalities in the female genital system.

    Anti-aging and rejuvenation,Restore and rebalance

    Salsomaggiore, Tabiano Terme - Italy

    2 nights/3 days

  • Anti ageing program

    Recover the vitality, Anti-ageing program

    Discover the shortcomings of your body and find the tools needed to bring energy and vitality, anti-aegeing a complete path to maintain strength and physical and mental energy to live fully and healthily.

    Anti-aging and rejuvenation

    Abano Terme - Italy

    7 nights/8 days