Anti-Burnout syndrome

New diseases in society, such as stress, anxiety, burnout and chronic fatigue, are affecting people more and more effectively, reducing their capacity for concentration, creativity and productivity. Burnout is the set of symptoms resulting from perceived stressful work situations, increasingly sustained rhythms and pressing demands, which determine, in the long run, a psychophysical and emotional wear and tear. Dissatisfaction, negativity and mental detachment are the first symptoms, which can lead to exhaustion and depression. The most effective way to prevent and deal with these illnesses is to create new habits and measures to combat stress in everyday life. Thanks to the collaboration with doctors and specialized centers, Voyamee has created wellness breaks that can significantly improve the quality of your life, accompanying you towards psycho-physical well-being. Paradise places, tastings, but also healthy eating and physical activity, all essential elements to promote a feeling of rest and relaxation.

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    Transformative travel in Slovenia, Vitality and mindfulness

    Completely new activity program that includes awareness, vitality and relaxation exercises. Awareness perceived as the cognition of the present moment in its total reality.

    Anti anxiety,Anti-Burnout syndrome,De-stress,Digital detox,Restore and rebalance

    Dolenjske Toplice - Slovenia

    3 nights / 5 nights / 7 nights

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    Anti-stress and rebalancing with the Henri Chenot method

    A programme aimed at recovering and restoring vitality and providing a good dose of energy, thus eliminating the vulnerability, fatigue, and nervous exhaustion produced by the rhythm of daily life.

    Anti-Burnout syndrome,De-stress

    Gabala - Azerbaijan

    7 nights/8 days