Body detox and weight loss

Periodically, our body needs to detoxify and rebalance itself, and it signals this through sensations of swelling, heaviness, fatigue and dull skin. Every 2 months it is advisable to take a detox break, which will allow us to restart with greater vitality. Detox holidays does not only mean a detoxifying and slimming diet, but it is a lifestyle that improves the luminosity of the entire skin, reduces anxiety and regenerates body and spirit. Voyamee has studied the weight loss and purification wellness breaks that the body needs to get back to working at its best. They are based on the benefits of a good diet, carefully chosen treatments, specialized consultations to set goals and wellness activities, to achieve mental clarity, detoxification of the body and the reduction of stress. But detox trips do not end when you return, because after the completion of the program you will have a greater awareness of your body and you will receive nutritional advice to keep it in good condition for a long time. Get back into shape and psycho-physical well-being with a detox wellness break.