Intestinal disorders

A stressful life, pollution and poor nutrition are some of the factors that can damage our organism and our vitality. Digestive disorders, osteoporosis, cardiovascular diseases and disorders due to excessive weight are some of the consequences of an unbalanced diet. Voyamee has studied several wellness breaks dedicated to rebalancing the diet, the right choice to improve your eating style and adopt it consistently over time. Our body needs to detoxify and rebalance itself and it signals this through sensations of swelling, heaviness and fatigue. Thermal and hydropinic treatments, particularly suitable for the treatment of the liver, gastrointestinal system and musculoskeletal system; lymphatic drainage massages, personalized exercise programs, screening and meetings with nutritionists, are the first steps to take to achieve a state of good health and well-being with a specific dietary program and the implementation of good habits.