Spa treatments

  • postural massage SloveniaPrevention health program

    Easter in health and beauty in Malaga

    A new solution to take care of yourself.

    Promo,Restore and rebalance

    Carratraca - Spain

    4 nights / 5 days

    1,344.67$ 1,209.64$
  • Vitality and mindfulness

    Transformative travel in Slovenia, Vitality and mindfulness

    Completely new activity program that includes awareness, vitality and relaxation exercises. Awareness perceived as the cognition of the present moment in its total reality.

    Anti anxiety,Anti-Burnout syndrome,De-stress,Digital detox,Restore and rebalance

    Dolenjske Toplice - Slovenia

    3 nights / 5 nights / 7 nights

  • postural exercise Castrocaro

    Boot camp perfect posture

    Restore the correct posture of the body with specified treatments and the beneficial thermal waters of Castrocaro.

    Boot camp,Restore and rebalance

    Castrocaro - Italy

    2 nights / 3 days

  • Postural gymnastic in Slovenia

    Postural Boot camp in Slovenia

    Restore the correct posture of the body, between the beneficial thermal waters and the enchanting nature of Slovenia.

    Boot camp,Restore and rebalance

    Dolenjske Toplice - Slovenia

    4 nights/5 days

  • Detox and slim in Slovenia

    Boot camp Detox & slim in Slovenia

    Lose weight with the right motivation,  get in shape now!

    Body detox and weight loss,Boot camp,Restore and rebalance

    Terme Šmarješke Toplice - Slovenia

    5 nights/6 days

  • Detox and weight loss in Chianciano

    Boot camp Detox and Weight Loss in Chianciano

    Detox and Weight Loss aimed at losing a size and cleaning up the body

    Body detox and weight loss,Boot camp,Restore and rebalance

    Chianciano, Tuscany - Italy

    2 nights/3 days

  • Reduce stress with foliage or flowering

    Foliage or Flowering, anti-stress in nature

    Immersed in the colours of nature and the peace of the soul.

  • Prevention health program

    Prevention, the best cure – Thermal health

    Prevents disorders caused by a sedentary lifestyle, such as muscle stiffness, joint pain, sleep disorders, circulatory problems and general fatigue.

  • Menopausal check up

    Wellness break and menopausal check up

    A check that every woman should carry out to assess, especially during the menopause, the state of health and effectively highlight any abnormalities in the female genital system.

    Anti-aging and rejuvenation,Restore and rebalance

    Salsomaggiore, Tabiano Terme - Italy

    2 nights/3 days

  • Anti aging thermal treatments

    The secret of living in health

    The secret of healthy living…hidden in thermal waters

    De-stress,Restore and rebalance

    Salsomaggiore, Tabiano Terme - Italy

    2 nights/3 days

  • Check up for femininity diseases

    Take care of your femminility – woman Check Up

    Take care of your femininity, 3 days of relaxation and gynaecological check-up. Specialist examination of the highest clinical-diagnostic level for the determination of the state of health of the woman.

    Restore and rebalance

    Salsomaggiore, Tabiano Terme - Italy

    2 nights/3 days

  • Renewal program for women's well-being

    Renewal program – Women’s spa

    FEMALE RENOVATION is designed to guide you to find the ability to “feed” your daily life. It is a journey through the main qualities of the female that will help you to find a new daily balance. A real “life change experience” that allows participants to experience a new way of living and then return home renewed and enriched with useful tools to improve their daily lives.

    Restore and rebalance

    Tabiano Terme - Italy

    3 nights/4 days