Advance detox with Henry Chenot

The Chenot Method, now known throughout the world, is based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine combined with the most advanced medical sciences and diagnostic techniques in order to protect the body from damage caused by the accumulation of toxins and premature aging. The detoxification techniques used, the activation of energy channels, the stimulation of physiological functions and a planned and personalized dietary regime allow a preventive and regenerative action and allow the body to meet the vital functions of cells while maintaining maximum effectiveness in perfect balance with the mental and physical resources of the individual.


27/02/2020 – 31/12/2020
7 nights/8 days

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The eight-day programme begins with various diagnostic and medical tests to identify the level of oxidative stress and the state of metabolic poisoning of the body followed by a bioenergetic test to assess energy flows and blockages within the body.
At the end of all diagnostic tests, a personalized treatment program will be developed. During the treatment period, bio-energetic stimulations are carried out that bring pure energy to the body, and therefore also to the cells, restoring the optimal flow of energy for all vital organs, revitalizing the body in its entirety. The Chenot method is based on the three natural functions of the body that are necessary to live: The elimination of damaged cells and the removal of waste that accumulates during vital physiological processes; The assimilation of nutrients necessary for metabolism; The regeneration and repair of tissues. A tailored diet will be necessary for a metabolic and hormonal reset of the body with the aim of maximizing the effect of treatments. In particular, the Chenot diet aims to detoxify cells from toxins, provide the nutrients needed for optimal metabolism and regenerate the whole body.


  • 3 medical consultations
  • 2 nutritional consultations at the beginning and end of the programme
  • Detox Diet Food Supplement Chenot Advanced Medical Diagnostics: Analysis of vascular age rigidity Minerals and analysis of heavy metal intoxication Measurement of oxidative stress assessment
  • Measurement of advanced end products of AGE glycation
  • Evaluation of the thickness of skin collagen
  • 1 Body composition analysis with DEXA
  • 1 Bio-Energetic Check-up
  • 2 Detox Systemic Vita-Mix Enrichments
  • 4 Chenot Bio-Energy Treatments
  • 6 Chenot Energy Massage
  • 6 Hydro-Aromatherapy Treatments
  • 6 Phyto-mud treatments
  • 6 Treatments Hydro-Jet


A true palace of well-being totally in the vanguard. The entire structure is entirely dedicated to the promotion of health and wellness and has been designed to house a state-of-the-art medical spa of 6000 m2. Here every single guest will receive the Chenot medical and thermal treatments, the controls, the food and all within a luxury structure.
Henri Chenot, a well-known health and wellness specialist, has launched a modern wellness centre in Azerbaijan. Five luxury stars will shine on Lake Nohur, home to a new resort entirely based on holistic methods of detoxification and revitalization Chenot. Advanced medical-aesthetic treatments, a first-class metabolic laboratory, a cryo chamber at -110°C, anti-gravity technologies and a room at altitude for physical well-being are also available. The aim is to detoxify and refresh the body and mind. This will also transform a short period of rest into a regenerating stay.
The luxurious Chenot Palace in Gabala is a “Health Wellness Hotel” destination built exclusively to support Chenot’s eminent prevention and wellness programmes. The region of Gabala, is the most beautiful part of Azerbaijan rich in history. Unspoilt nature, clean air and tranquility make Gabala the perfect retreat where our guests will follow detoxification and revitalization programs in perfect harmony with the environment.

Termini e dettagli

VALIDITY: The offer is valid from feb 27/2020 to dec 31/2020 for a limited number of rooms and as long as availability lasts. Can only be used in the selected period.

To book the package, evaluate other dates or customize it according to your needs, we ask you to send a request by email to [email protected] or click on the button “Request quote” to inform you about prices and availability.
Price valid for 1 person in a double room. Requires a minimum of two participants to be booked.

Alternatively, you can buy only one package, paying the surcharge for accommodation in a single room, to be requested at [email protected]

MEALS: For all specifications please refer to “include” or “exclude”.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Check in from 14 Check out by 11 a.m.
Voyamee reserves the right to change the prices and contents of the programs.
Program prices include 18% VAT.
Program prices do not include city taxes.

This package does not include any insurance policy for medical expenses or cancellation in case of unforeseen circumstances. If you do not have your own personal insurance to cover risks during your travels, we recommend that you take out ours. You can add it at the time of booking to the email indicated under “validity” above, and we will send you the estimates along with the conditions of coverage of the policies the amounts vary depending on the location where you travel and the amount of your trip.
For all information on country access documents (passports), please consult the website of the consulate or embassy of the country of destination. We do everything possible to provide you with detailed and accurate information about the services of the hotels, however, the facilities may change design and activities without notice (especially during the low season).

Travel package sold by International Wellness Travel
We invite you to always read our Terms and Conditions before booking a trip.

Cos’è incluso

  • Full access to the gym, indoor pool, sauna and steam bath with colour therapy
  • 7 nights stay in a standard double/twin room
  • All services described in the “Details” section
  • Inclusive of VAT 18%
  • Agency Fee

Cos’è escluso

  • Transport to and from the starting point of the journey
  • Transport for travel during your stay
  • Taxi
  • Tips
  • Everything that is not listed under the voice “Include”
  • Tourist tax
  • Extra drinks


  • Additional treatments are available following the medical consultation.
  • Transport service available on request
  • Cancellation insurance, on request
  • Tourist tax
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