Start the path to your wellness

  • Menopausal check up

    Wellness break and menopausal check up

    A check that every woman should carry out to assess, especially during the menopause, the state of health and effectively highlight any abnormalities in the female genital system.

    Anti-aging and rejuvenation,Restore and rebalance

    Salsomaggiore, Tabiano Terme - Italy

    2 nights/3 days

  • Ultrasound check up

    Ultrasound check up

    Break from everyday life to have an accurate and complete check-up for the evaluation of the real state of health.

    Anti-aging and rejuvenation,Restore and rebalance

    Salsomaggiore, Tabiano - Italy

    2 nights/3 days

  • The program to quit smoking

    Stop Smoking

    Skin ruined by smoking, precarious breathing? Revolutionary and successful cure to quit smoking, give up effortlessly the bad habit of smoking.

  • Anti ageing program

    Recover the vitality, Anti-ageing program

    Discover the shortcomings of your body and find the tools needed to bring energy and vitality, anti-aegeing a complete path to maintain strength and physical and mental energy to live fully and healthily.

    Anti-aging and rejuvenation

    Abano Terme - Italy

    7 nights/8 days

  • Prevention health program

    Prevention, the best cure – Thermal health

    Prevents disorders caused by a sedentary lifestyle, such as muscle stiffness, joint pain, sleep disorders, circulatory problems and general fatigue.

  • Anti-aging program by Henry Chenot

    Anti-aging program by Henri Chenot

    Implementation of Henri Chenot’s nutrition and treatment method based on modern diagnostic tests and specialized medical examinations to identify the level of body stress and determine the biological age by developing a personalized, powerful and effective plan for prevention and regeneration of the body.