The benefits of chlorophyll

Chlorophyll, Let’s talk about it!! not only because it’s spring and it’s the season in which chlorophyll gives the best of itself but, above all, to know the important function it performs inside our body! Let’s start with a premise: Chlorophyll has a structure similar to our hemoglobin and for this reason it is also known as vegetable blood, a pigment that can be particularly useful for humans as it is considered a real cellular regenerator given its quality of improving the supply of oxygen to the blood. We can take chlorophyll through different foods, in fact, all green leafy vegetables contain high concentrations of chlorophyll. Due to the lifestyle of more and more people, which often results in chronic fatigue, lack of vitality, unbalanced diet and poor breathing, it is important to seriously consider the integration of superfoods containing high concentrates of chlorophyll. The chemical composition of chlorophyll is similar to that of haemoglobin. With one difference, the iron of hemoglobin is replaced by magnesium, and thanks to this, it is an antianemic and healing substance, purifies the blood and regulates cholesterol.

The great benefits of Chlorophyll:

    • useful for the intestine, especially to rebalance the bacterial flora;
    • it helps our body to eliminate toxins and promote purification;
    • it acts against free radicals;
    • anti-aging;
    • improves circulation, a valid help to prevent varicose veins;
    • stimulates the metabolism and helps our body to use energy and resist stress;
    • It is useful as a restorative and deodorant inside the body;
    • Chlorophyll is considered beneficial in case of anaemia as it helps the red blood cells to transport iron to the organs;
    • It facilitates the absorption of calcium and can give relief to those suffering from gastritis, colitis or ulcer;
    • Protects muscles from damage caused by contractions and soreness;
    • Improves the work of the heart and prevents hypertension.

When do we start integrating chlorophyll?

Always, chlorophyll must be consumed daily. At first through food. As mentioned before, green leafy vegetables, in the presence of the following diseases:

    • Psycho-physical stress;
    • Tiredness or convalescence;
    • Anemia;
    • Arthritis;
    • Rheumatoid arthritis;
    • Purification from toxic substances (medicines, pesticides, heavy metals);
    • Halitosis;
    • Irregular menstrual cycle;
    • Low immune defences;
    • Gastritis;
    • Ulcer;
    • Colitis;
    • Closed nose and mucus;

It is advisable to integrate some superfood such as those listed below:

Barley grass: it is a special distillate of chlorophyll. It counteracts aging and also contains twice as much calcium as milk, vitamin A, vitamin C, B vitamins (B1, B2, B6, B12), vitamin E, vitamin K, biotin, iron, magnesium, potassium, sodium, amino acids and many enzymes. It is an excellent purifier thanks to its highly alkalizing properties. You can take it in its shake version by dissolving the powder in a little water before your main meal.
Wheatgrass: It’s our favourite! It’s one of the most complete vegetables in its nutritional offer, superior even to green leafy vegetables. Among its various detoxifying properties: it cleanses the body from toxins, pollutants and chemicals; it helps to purify the liver and regulates digestion; it alkalizes the body; it has powerful antibacterial and immunostimulant actions. It is recommended to take it in the form of juice/shake as it is more powerful and energizing. Dissolve the powder (2 shakes) in 300 ml of water and sip slowly.
Spirulina algae: belongs to the blue algae group. It is rich in proteins easily assimilable by our body, proteins with high biological value: spirulina contains all 8 essential amino acids, has a very low calorie content and its intake reduces the sense of hunger thanks to the phenylanine content which, acting at the level of the nervous system, induces satiety. Moreover, being rich in vitamins and mineral salts, it is very appreciated by sportsmen and sportswomen and offers the right nutritional intake to pregnant women. You can take it in capsules or in powder form.
Chlorella seaweed:  It frees the body from toxic heavy metals, strengthens the immune system, acts on hypertension, are just some of its benefits. It is a green algae rich in nutrients and for this reason the Ministry of Health recognizes it as a physiological “Antioxidant, useful to support the body’s natural defenses and purifying functions”.

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