Blue Monday? No thanks.

The third Monday in January is generally the saddest day of the year, according to research such as that of Cardiff University psychologist Cliff Arnall…
It’s the day when you normally go back to everyday life after the Christmas holidays and all the New Year’s resolutions. On this day we are wrapped in a mix of melancholy, sadness and guilt, linked to the fact that we have not yet started 90% of our promises. Let us say that it is a symbolic date to emphasize a psychological state common to many at this particular time of year that coincides with the return to routine, the resumption of the usual activities and the lack of implementation of the resolutions decided at the beginning of the new year. In England, for example, this recurrence is taken very seriously because it coincides with a considerable increase in absences from work very often due to a real state of depression.

It often happens that, moved by the frenzy, on January 1st we set an endless series of goals and objectives to be achieved and therefore about 80% of the sadness and malaise is linked to a sense of guilt for not having started or continued the goals set.

There is a close relationship between Blue Monday and the number 21, 21 as the weight of the soul, 21 as the maximum number of minutes in which we can consciously concentrate, 21 days to implement a good habit and 21 days when we realize that we have not done anything to change our lifestyle. The combination of the latter with the winter weather and the gastronomic excesses during the holidays open the door to sadness!

We want to give you some advice to start to counter the melancholy of this period, not only of the blue monday but for the rest of the month and possibly also for the beginning of February:

  • Natural light, air and, if possible, lots of sun! In addition to stimulating serotonin and melanin help to empty the mind by giving space to creativity, new ideas, new goals and concrete objectives.
  • Write in a diary the small goals, write everything, the beautiful and the ugly. Writing will be like intimately sharing our moods with someone we trust. This small daily gesture will help to reduce enormously the weight on the stomach and the state of discomfort.
  • Sport, walk in the open air! Immediate and long-lasting help, production of endorphins and serotonin, 2 happiness hormones that immediately after an hour of physical activity will give incredible results!
  • Drink plenty of water and herbal teas: oxygenating the body is the basis for new ideas, for vitality, for energy! Never forget to drink!
  • Take time to dedicate exclusively to yourself and surround yourself with people who make you happy!
  • Start to know what hurts you and counteract it with new and healthy habits! And we’ll help you with that. Take the health test, see what’s wrong and for 21 days, every day, through a message or email, we’ll help you implement a good habit that will significantly change your life!

Don’t waste time, choose now to be happy, choose now your well-being!!!

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