Change of season without trauma

Are you starting to feel down? are you feeling hungry at unexpected times? are you more irritable than usual?

It’s normal, you don’t have to worry … just nature’s fault !. The change of season is a change which, at the change of wardrobe, also implies a change of habits. With the arrival of the cold and damp climate and with the shortening of the days, our biorhythm is literally catapulted into an aggressive context, and as they say, there are no more half-seasons. It is true, unfortunately the greenhouse effect has originated aggressive climatic changes for nature, including us who are part of it therefore, just as a flower wilts from morning to night due to the abrupt change of temperature, so also our body does not respond anymore to the input with the reactivity necessary to manage the day with energy and happiness.

What can we do?

Let’s start by using tricks to compensate for lowering body temperature.

Leave the house with a thermos containing a quantity of the right herbal tea for at least half of the day, in this way, as soon as your body begins to tremble, drink some herbal tea that allows you to heat the internal organs and manage not to waste energy in excess. And what kind of herbal tea? If you like it, cinnamon, chocolate or wild berries will be perfect because, in addition to warming the body, their taste gives you the feeling of being enveloped by pampering pleasure (they contain very few calories); alternatively, you can choose digestive teas and detox, anise, fennel, etc. to counteract the annoying abdominal swellings that are among the most annoying symptoms, typical of these abrupt changes of season.

Warm up with a hot shower but at the end and 15 seconds of cold water will bring to your body a thermoregulation that will help you tone both the body and the mind; the beneficial effects of cold showers are increasingly widespread and known (Win Hof Method). We know that it’s not easy at all, but let’s start with a nice hot shower and then turn the tap all the way out to get the cold water out. The first time will be strange but once it becomes a habit the benefits will be many.

Consume hot, light and natural meals; green light for broths, velvety and seasonal vegetables that, if seasoned with nuts and seeds, will be even better. In this way you compensate for the nutrient and calorie needs, avoiding the “comfort food” that only causes great damage to your metabolism.

Finally, to obtain more effective results, it is necessary to dedicate to yourself moments of relaxation in wellness facilities where the heat of a sauna, the purification of a Turkish bath, the benefits of a massage and the therapeutic effects of the thermal waters will give you the balance and energy you need.

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