Christmas has arrived, here’s how you can prepare!

The Christmas season officially began, full of joy, love, family, friends, gifts, and many beautiful things. For us at Voyamee, too, it is the best time of the year. We like to see hope everywhere, smiling faces, the wonder in the eyes of children and even those who remain children forever, yes because one of the joys of this life is to choose to remain children forever.

Often, however, our bodies remind us that we are no longer children… Voyamee is here to give you all the ideas you need to counteract these discomforts, to have a guideline with the food, considering the inevitable hurdles, to counteract the cold, and also to live this beautiful period with serenity, well-being and without stress. And as we say here in Rimini “Natale Dolce Vita”.

Let’s start from the ABC: the food.

you know that you’re going to have lots of dinners and that you’re going to spend more time at the table than usual;
During the other meals you will be eating, try in every way to avoid refined carbohydrates in order to avoid a further increase in your glycemic index and always feel tired;
Try drinking water right from the start of the morning and if you are not thirsty, prepare herbal teas and drink at least 1.5 litres of liquid during the morning, only this action will allow you to supply your body with more oxygen and help speed up your metabolism, reducing your sense of tiredness and fatigue;
If you know that you will have 3 dinners or endless lunches, in that week program 3 long walks, believe it will be good for your digestion and also for your mind!
green light to raw vegetables before meals!
if you really can’t do without it, ok for spirits, but quality!
better a dark chocolate than a mega piece of panettone.

stress of gifts:

  • pen and paper to mark absolutely everything.
  • Make a list of children and people you want to give gifts to;
  • set a budget;
  • spend 2 hours the first week researching online or, even better, going for a walk along the shops;
  • if you’re lucky you’ll have solved and enjoyed the Christmas time and before December 20th you’ve fixed everyone!

Your body:

  • Give the green light to hot herbal teas, and if you want to give yourself an object, a thermal water bottle can be a great gift for yourself.
  • walk, walk, walk; in winter the activation of your cardiovascular system facilitates all metabolic processes, is an excellent anti-aeging and contributes to slimming, reclamation and energy increase.
  • massage feet and joints before going to bed.
  • Use almond or sesame oils to massage your legs and arms, the Ayurvedic choice is excellent and we recommend #Ayurway to complete your well-being.

That’s all for now!

Now let’s go make the tree.

Have a nice start to the Christmas holidays!

And if you haven’t decided yet what to give you for Christmas, treat yourself to wellness! here’s a couple of great wellness breaks right after the holidays:

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