The importance of disconnecting ourselves from cuotinianity to reconnect with goals!

You wake up at 7 a.m., start the day and at a certain point you look at your watch and it’s already 4 p.m. and you realize that of all the programs, engagements and chores you had planned for that day you only managed to complete a third part, and it ends up…. you get anxiety and instead of taking a breath and starting off again, you keep moving from one side to the other (even virtually from one social page to another, from one web page to another) without a precise goal and the evening arrives and you say: I never have time for anything, I’m tired and I haven’t done anything, and with this fad, the days, weeks and sometimes even months pass. We are therefore traveling without a destination and since this life represents a journey, to get our train to where we imagine, where we would like to be, we must establish a destination, a goal! Sometimes the solution is closer than you think: disconnect for 10 minutes every day, breathe, there are those who call it disconnect, those who meditate, those who go to get some air

and if that’s not enough, if you feel like you’re in a bottomless pit. Remember that all the time that passes without you being happy and having a goal is time lost.

Let’s start with the awareness that if your goal does not translate into a new habit you will hardly reach it, hence the famous sayings: to make something change in your life you must first change something in your daily life!

And to know what is the most appropriate habit to implement, you have to start with motivation.

We are coming to the days of good intentions, days of rebirth and regeneration, and the best regeneration starts with the awareness of what you need to regenerate…

Tell us what’s wrong and find out how to find your well-being:

Are you no longer counting heads or is your body not responding as you would like?

Answer the quiz and every day, for 21 days you will receive a message with a healthy habit to implement! 

Because life is only one, but if you give it a meaning it will be like living several lives in one!

Get disconnected, do a yoga retreat, a dynamic journey, give a meaning to your day, your free time, your holidays…find the best version of yourself!


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