Habits guide to regain your wellbeing

Did you know that the implementation time for a new HEALING HABITUDE in your daily routine is about 21 days? Learn together with Voyamee the new habits that bring wellbeing to your life and make a real contribution to improving your health!
Making a healthy habit your own requires only THREE simple steps: a SIGNAL, an ACTION and a GRATIFICATION. An example? If after eating you feel the need
to brush your teeth, this can be considered a SIGNAL, brushing your teeth is an ACTION and when, in the end, you feel the pleasant sensation of fresh breath and clean teeth it is a FREE.
During this period do you feel you have any discomfort? These manuals will guide you for 21 days with 7 habits that you can implement to counteract your discomfort. We invite you to perform a small and easy ACTION every day: every single recommended action, once it becomes your HABITUDE, will deeply improve your lifestyle!
Are you ready?

What state of discomfort do you want to improve?

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