How to get rid of cellulite and water retention

SPA…Total relax.

Today I’ll tell you what are the benefits that the different areas of a spa offer, what they are called, and where to start to find maximum functionality!
I am Ana Laura Ramirez, your Wellness Travel Planner and this is the episode number 13 of Voyamee bits of wellness!
6 the main areas that a spa must have for give you the maximum functionality . First of all, a nice hot shower with soap! and let’s start.

#1 Turkish bath or hamam. Its goal is to prepare the skin, open the pores to receive more heat and expel toxins, it is very important to pass disinfecting water from the shower you find inside, before and after your session, the ideal would be that inside there was salt to be able to rub the skin and open more pores, except for that of the face which is very delicate. Inside the Turkish bath the temperature reaches 50°C and 100% humidity; this will allow you to start releasing some toxins already after few minutes. In addition to helping you expel a lot of toxins, the Turkish bath is great for opening the respiratory tract.

I recommend you stay from 10 to 20 minutes maximum, if the temples begin to pulsate go out a bit, take a shower with cold water, rest and then resume the wellness circuit.

Now lets go to the area

#2 Sauna. Used by Finns for many years. Thanks to its therapeutic properties, the sauna provides dry heat. Inside there are lava stones that emit heat and reach room temperature between 60 and 100 °c. Due to the high temperature, the heart begins to increase palpitations and in some cases burns up to 300 calories. Sowing eliminates heavy metals and better protects against infections.

The 15-minute sauna eliminates the same amount of heavy metal particles as the kidneys eliminate within 24 hours also dissolve lactic acid and relax your muscles, so it’s great after workouts, then if you suffer from insomnia start sauna at least once a week, you’ll start to see significant changes, sleep better and remove chronic tiredness of your days.

Lets go to the Jacuzzi.

#3 Hydromassage. Relax the stress and muscle tensions in the body. This is due to the gas bubbles that, in contact with the skin, cause a natural micromassage able to stimulate the circulation and this give a pleasant sensation of relaxation. The pressure of the hydromassage, on the most superficial layer of the skin, is able to stimulate the production of endorphins, giving you a lasting well-being. Your mood will positive for sure. The action of the hydromassage stimulates the micro circulation, but also the muscular bands and this mechanism allows the reduction of water retention and cellulite. If the hydromassage jets are powerful right from the start you will see the benefits. It’s also great for arthritis and rheumatism!

#4 Kneipp. Pure hydrotherapy. You have in mind those paths where you have to walk rigorously barefoot over the stones and in the meantime on your legs come jets of hot water then warm and then cold? are these the Kneipp paths. The thermal shock caused by immersion in water at different temperatures stimulates the circulatory system and the immune system. Immersion in warm water creates a feeling of relaxation. Contact with cold water, on the other hand, tones and strengthens the body and thus stimulates the entire lymphatic system, so you’ll get even more drained, without excess liquids!
I’m convinced that it’s really basic in a spa to have a Kneipp paths.

Then we move on to the cold showers.

#5 cold water showers. And yes, just like that, if the spa has a cold water bath, it must also have cold showers; between one area and another you must always have a cold water shower. If you can’t do it, start with lukewarm and then cold water, and this is one of the great secrets, because the alternation between high room temperatures and cold showers helps regulate the temperature, and also the circulation. The sudden change from vasodilation to restriction after the shower helps to keep the cardiovascular system active. Better circulation prevents heart attacks and strokes, helps eliminate fat and makes it easier to transport oxygen to the whole body. The feeling is simply one of great wellbeing, but the benefit is even greater in the long run. As you can see, then, each benefit is linked to the others: improved circulation, along with the elimination of stress and insomnia, is precisely what ultimately helps to slim down.

And finally

#6 The Relax area. Last but necessary since this is where you’ll be after all your circuit to drink a cup of tee and if you what you can star over again the whole circuit.

And these are the 6 areas that a spa must have for you to find the right benefit. 10 minutes in the Turkish bath, cold shower – 10 minutes in the sauna, cold shower, 10 minutes in the Jacuzzi, a Kneipp path and then relax, and if you have time, you repeat it all!

In the next episodes I’ll tell you how to alternate the areas of the spas to achieve a greater benefit in terms of relaxation, purification or to energize or rebalance your self!

For now i what to thanks you,
I wish you a week full of wellness and a spring day full of productivity and good intentions!

Ana Laura Ramirez
your wellness travel planner

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