Ideas for strengthening the immune system & Corona Virus Special!

The real danger of Covid-19.

Covid-19 is a disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, belonging to the corona virus family.

It is not a normal flu, its rate of contagion and the symptoms are not comparable, you should not overestimate it, but neither should you underestimate it.
Many friends are writing to me from all over the world to ask me if the situation in Italy is really as the news broadcasts it (unfortunately yes, it is). Today I would like to talk to you about why all this danger, alarmism related to the virus and the countermeasures to prevent it, protect us and protect our family, friends and our dear society in general.

Why has covi-19 become so dangerous? For its power, its speed in contagions even in the incubation period, which can vary from 7 to 14 days in which the patient is asymptomatic, but can infect many people; its growth is not linear, but exponential.
Despite, the mortality index is quite low, but it depends mainly on the population: the highest number of deaths occurs in countries with an older population. On average:
80% of cases have mild symptoms and are sometimes asymptomatic.
15% of cases are serious and the percentage of lethal cases is 5% and the latter need hospitalization in intensive care and need respiratory support, the mortality rate is 1-2% and most unfortunately deceased people had low immune defences, other important diseases and were of advanced age.
So, what is the real problem? The problem is in health-care collapse, that is, with the rate of contagion, considering the numbers of people (15%) who may need to be hospitalized, the health system will not have enough places to deal with all the other diseases, scheduled interventions, emergencies, accidents, etc. that risk to be postponed.

Where to start in order to help and not contribute to the infection?

Wash your hands, more effective than hand sanitizer!
Sneeze on your elbow,
Don’t touch your face
Avoid going to public and crowded places (events, meetings, concerts, etc.)
Do not touch objects in public places, (bathroom, supermarket counter, etc.)
Clean your cell phones.
Make payments with debit or credit card, not with cash.
Do not approach people with a cold (the virus is also transmissible in the incubation phase).
If you have a cold or think you have flu, don’t leave the house.

If we do not take the appropriate measures, the damage will be long and much more damaging to society in general.

And now let’s talk about the immune system,
We have two types of immune systems:
Innate immunity, genetically coded, for example physical barriers (skin, intestine, etc.), white blood cells and leukocytes.

Acquired immunity, such as antibodies.
Strategies to strengthen the immune system by following a good diet and paying attention to nutrition:

  • Consume group A vitamins (beta carotenes, retinol);
  • Take Vitamin D supplements;
  • Increase the consumption of Vitamin C (oranges, kiwis), zinc and selenium, garlic, turmeric, ginger;
  • Consume oyster mushrooms with active substances with great antiviral and antibacterial properties;
  • Glutathione consumption, which regulates the immune system through whe;
  • Consumption of honey that contains great anti-mycobic powers, mitigates the tose and is rich in proteins and vitamins;
  • Take care of your microbiota by consuming Kefir, probiotics or Combucha.


  • Perform physical activity as much as possible (avoiding exaggeration);
  • Sleep well;
  • Avoid stress because it depresses the immune system and if you are stressed you will be more at risk of contagion;
  • If you were thinking of taking an intermittent fast, this is the right time;
  • Cold showers;
  • Short periods of ketosis.

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