Laughter Yoga

😆 The gift of laughter? Spreading JOY, WELLNESS, FREE and many other benefits of our life!! 😍
The body does not feel the difference between a real and an induced laugh so, in both cases, you get the same benefits both physiologically and psychologically.💪
👉 ON YOURSELF THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD (Ghandi) is the phrase that distinguishes and identifies Laughter yoga – Teacher Angie&Andy, Angela Signorile and Andrea Pensini Teachers and Ambassadors of Laughter yoga tell us: we try in our small way to bring an important change in the world, The IDEA of a kind, united and smiling world spurs us to follow more and more our MISSION. ❤️
Angela Signorile of Laughter Yoga will tell us her way from postpartum depression to a life full of energy… thanks to Laughter Yoga! 😍

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