Dealing with well-being and health is always a difficult job and the biggest difficulty is finding the right balance.  Just as every religion proclaims its doctrine, in terms of health, mainly in recent years, every doctor, specialist and sometimes guru or shaman proclaims his own. In spite of everything there is a subject on which everyone agrees, and this is prevention, but what is prevention? The medical center of diseases of Italy defines Prevention as a set of activities, actions and interventions implemented with the priority aim of promoting and preserving health and avoiding the onset of diseases. The same distinguishes prevention in three distinct levels: primary, secondary and tertiary. 

Primary Prevention

Primary Prevention has its field of action on the healthy subject and aims to maintain the conditions of well-being and avoid the appearance of diseases. In particular it is a set of activities, actions and interventions that through the strengthening of factors useful to health and the removal or correction of the causal factors of disease, tend to achieve a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being of individuals and the community or at least to avoid the onset of morbid conditions. 

All these interventions are therefore aimed at reducing the probability of an unwanted adverse event occurring (risk reduction). 

Secondary Prevention

The Secondary Prevention, concerns a degree subsequent to the primary prevention, intervening on subjects already ill, even if at an early stage. It represents a second level intervention that through the early diagnosis of diseases, in asymptomatic phase (screening programs) aims to achieve recovery or otherwise limit their progression. It allows the identification of a disease or a condition of particular risk followed by an immediate and effective therapeutic intervention to interrupt or slow down its course. 

Congenital metabolic diseases are a group of rare diseases for which secondary prevention interventions can be implemented through screening programs from birth.

Tertiary prevention

Tertiary Prevention refers to all actions aimed at controlling and containing the most complex outcomes of a disease. It consists in the accurate clinical-therapeutic control of chronic or irreversible diseases, and aims to avoid or otherwise limit the appearance of both late complications and disabling outcomes. Tertiary prevention also means the management of deficits and functional disabilities resulting from a pathological or dysfunctional state. It is achieved through rehabilitative and care measures, aimed at the reintegration of the patient into the family, social and work environment, and at increasing the quality of life.

In the second decade of the 21st century several new diseases are appearing and will continue to appear, not only of infectious origin but also of metabolic origin...your body therefore needs you, needs your care! Just like 7 million years ago, human beings need to move around, eat natural food, hydrate, sunbathe and rest, and these are the basics the fundamentals of prevention and health!

Currently it is increasingly difficult, sometimes impossible, to put into practice the basics of prevention, we have designed specific programs to rebalance the body from the hectic pace of everyday life, to remind you when you need to stop, to give you the right basis to take care of yourself, all so that you can have a strong and powerful immune system able to defeat any type of disease, infectious or metabolic that is!

We are always at your side to give you the basis for a healthy life!

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