Social relations and psychophysical well-being

Ogliastra Sardinia in Italy, Icaria in Greece, Okinawa in Japan, Loma Linda and Nicoya in Costa Rica, are places on the planet called ‘blue zones’, where the longevity rate is higher than in other parts of the world and the over 100 years old people who live there enjoy an enviable psychophysical form.
Among the many factors that these places have in common today we will focus on “Human Relationships”; we will deal with the other factors in the next articles.

The development of social relationships leads to feeling useful. Those who live in these blue areas cultivate friendships in a special way, share quality time with other people, learn and at the same time teach, and the elderly are considered a mentor and not considered as a burden.

How can you start to improve the quality of personal relationships in a tangible way and deepen your emotional involvement with the people you care most about?

Starting from the assumption that success has no value if we don’t have someone to share it with, the main human emotion is the bond with other souls.
Following Antony Robins’ analysis, the 6 key factors to develop good relationships are:

1. The importance to know the values and rules of the people you are in relationship with! People can love each other, but if, for any reason, you break the rules of someone you care about, the relationship suffers stress and upheaval, knowing the rules of a person, you can avoid unpleasant confrontations in advance.

2. The only way to make a relationship last is to see it as a place where you go to give and not to receive.

3. A relationship to be cultivated requires attention to certain signs that need to be discovered. Dr. Barbara de Angelis has identified 4 phases that can kill relationships:

  • Resistance:¬†Resistance occurs when you find something to complain about or feel annoyed or a bit alien to that person.
  • Resentment: if the resistance is not controlled it generates resentment, and therefore anger and detachment.
  • Rejection: Try to put others on the wrong side and attack.
  • Repression:¬†This is the worst phase because it is the beginning of monotony, boredom and insane relationships…¬†All this can be avoided with dialogue!

4. Make your relationships a top priority in your life.

5. Concentrate on the essential, concentrate every day to make the relationship better.

6. Every day reconnect to what you love, what you like about your partner or your friends, strengthen the bond and renew your feelings.

In a full heart there is room for everything, in an empty heart there can be nothing.

If you want to live well, happy, healthy and long life, find time to talk to those you care about and find out what is most important to each of them and express what is most important to you.

February is the month where relationships are celebrated! On Valentine’s Day, the saint of lovers, we celebrate relationships of friendship, we also celebrate extramarital relationships! Know that in order to live to be 100 years old and healthy, as in Loma Linda, Okinawa or Oligastra, this holiday must be celebrated 365 days a year!

We wish you happy social relationships… always!

Spend some time with your favorite people, here are some suggestions:

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