Enogastronomy travel experiences

Itineraries and enogastronomy holidays to taste the cultures, places and flavours of distant peoples.
It is not enough to feed our body with food, but we need to experience stimulating emotions.

Voyamee will take you to discover new landscapes, different cultures and adventures in enchanted places.
From the search of flavours, raw materials and culinary ingredients to the market of San Juan in Mexico City, up to the restaurants of Palermo and Messina, as well as the wonderful routes along the wine roads, through farms and relais in Tuscany, gourmet restaurants of the 5 lands, and to the bancari and the cafe of Venice.
Building food and wine routes to taste the best dishes and wines of these places is our task!

Guided journeys to discover new flavours, the highest quality ingredients in surprising scenarios, is our passion.

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Best Seasons:All year round
Popular Location:Mexico City, Tuscany, Liguria

Enogastronomy itineraries

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