Marathon travel experience

Travel following the route of sport and fun. Sports events where professional and amateur runners can vent their passion through enchanted places.

Voyamee wants to take you to discover fascinating places and landscapes, but with the desire to fully experience his passion for the marathon. The experience is combined with healthy and practical sports activities.

Marathon in Mexico City, discovering the great metropolis and the energy of the pyramids of Tehotihuacan, or in Queretaro through the Cheese and Wine Route, or regenerate yourself in the healing thermal waters of San Miguel de Allende, or even enjoy nature and trekking in the mountains of Puebla.

Whatever your idea of a Marathon, we can create paths tailored to your passions, anywhere in the world, to accomplish your dream trip.

Running, discovering and having fun, with the certainty of living a unique experience.

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Best Seasons:April, June, August, November
Popular Location:Mexico, New York, Rome

Marathon itineraries

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