8 Health benefits of walking

Short breathing, headaches, dry mouths, and pain everywhere? Do you have a sedentary life! Lets see how easy it is to change it!!

Sedentary life is the number 1 cause of disease in the world, or rather, it is the trunk of the tree from which so many diseases and physical disorders are generated.

Our DNA requires movement and, although in pre-Hispanic times it was normal to move around to find food or to move around, to survive, today, after years and years of discoveries, sedentariness is becoming our main health problem and not only that, but also that of creativity and productivity.

Lets see some of the benefits of walking in your daily life.

> Reduces the risk of heart disease: Walking reduces the risk of heart disease. The training of the heart muscle is important to protect us from cardiovascular risks, it also promotes blood circulation since it is a moderate, constant but also endurance activity.

> Weight loss: 70% feeding, 20% movement and 10% rest, these are the percentages to be taken into account for weight loss, today let’s focus on that 20%, as a minimum, 30 minutes of fast walking per day, about 3 km, we recomand you, at least at the beginning, to practice it as soon as you wake up; put the alarm clock on 30 minutes before, go out and walk and then start again with all your activities! You will not even hear it and the benefits you will already have after just 2 weeks will be many!

> It prevents diabetes: Even with only 2000 steps per day, plus or minus 2 km or 20 minutes of walking, the risk of type 2 diabetes is away. The more active you are, your metabolism will be faster and your diabetes will be further away.

> It prevents childhood obesity:  not blame the technology please, all excuses, children must move, please, if something does not change, for the better of course, in the year 2060 we would be full of 50 years old people that will have to take pills for cholesterol, diabetes, the pressure to survive and this only because we parents have not taught our children to move.

> Wakes up your thyroid: Hypothyroidism, this too is one of what I call fashionable diseases and also so uncomfortable, I swear, but constant exercise makes it more regular thyroid activity.

> Prevents depression:
During the fast paced walk our body releases 5 times more endorfhines than at rest, endorfhines are some of the hormones of happiness that, once put into action, the body is invaded with good humor and happiness without leaving room for depression.

> Stimulates Creativity:
Walking, even on the treadmill, stimulates us to think about why more oxygen is entering the brain, setting in motion a whole series of precious hormones. Not to mention when we walk in nature; here our creative capacity increases by 50%. Walking in the green is really beneficial for the brain. The brain will be rested and prepared to give new processes of creative thinking.

> Increases productivity: During your lunch break, walk at least 10 minutes and you will see that your productivity increases by 10%! Several experiments have been carried out  have shown that employees who have the opportunity to walk on a treadmill, placed under the desk, improve their health and productivity. But if you don’t have this device, take advantage of your breaks and take a nice walk in the open air.

The rule for a pleasant and healthy walk is to be able to hold a conversation without losing breath, you should be able to breathe well, to complete your walk without feeling tired, then gradually increases the speed. Your heart, respiratory and immunological systems will thank you every day for what you do for them. 

If for various reasons you do not have the opportunity to walk outdoors, a treadmill could be a great purchase, or gift if your birthday approaches.
Take a pair of comfortable sneakers and leave for 30 minutes in the morning then add 10 minutes in your various breaks and you will be able to reach 10,000 steps everyday.

About travels, the biggest gift you can give yourself while you’re traveling is to take long morning walks to enjoy the best of the place and the best of the day! I guarantee you that you will see your world much more beautiful.


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