An all holistic journey…. but, what does holistic mean?

We have heard so much about holism, but what is holism? And what is the synchrony between travel and holism?
This is the seventh chapter of Voyamee bits of wellness and today we will see the definition of holism and the relationship between holism and the perfect journey.

Restart energy, restoring body and mind, having so many emotions that fill your memories room forever, are some of the reasons why you travel, for which you move from one place to another, sure to discover something new that enriching our essence and then resume daily life with much more strength and much more energy. But in order to achieve an optimal result it is essential to know what you like to do, how your typical day takes place, what you expect from those days of, holidays, those days outside your comfort zone, away from your habits, in short it is important to understand what is the best way to give your holidays an added value. This is nothing more than a real holistic journey.

Now i want to give you the definition of holism, mainly because it can be important for you to make decisions with a holistic vision.

The holistic term was coined in 1926 by Jan Smuts, a politician and South African philosopher. This term comes from the word Olos that in Greek means, whole, all, and is based on the idea that the properties of a system cannot be explained and understood by going to evaluate the individual parts that compose it, but well on the overall assessment that composes this system.

One of the sectors where this term is currently most present is the field of therapies and medicine, holistic medicine is present in the universe for more than 5000 years such as Chinese medicine or medicine that follows the Ayurveda philosophy in India, or the naturopathic cures of Maya or Incas. The diagnoses provided by this type of medicine are based on observing and evaluating all the elements that have led the person to the imbalance of his or her health; all the elements mean: everything, the weather conditions, the physical movements that this person has made, the people around him or her, the current emotional state and also the previous one. The whole universe of this person. Treatment will focus on balancing all factors that caused the disease.

Holism sees the human being in total symbiosis with the universe. From the body inside there is a universe called microcosm or physical body, where we find our magnificent container full of organs, blood, lymph, brain, heart… working and beautifully perfect.

Then, from the body to the outside we find our macrocosm, and there everything else is contained… our society, the information that comes to our mind and heart, the air we breathe, the nature in which we find ourselves. This fact makes us think how important it is to be in harmony and equilibrium with our surroundings, with our macrocosm; that otherwise it would reflect on our microcosm, that is our container, whatever does harm to our society or our surroundings, logically it will also affect our body. And that is the meaning of holism.

And now we come to the trips, to a perfect journey, but perfect for you... and the very concept of holism that enters fully into the perfection of what will be your journey, a journey that nourishes you must be personalized according to your tastes, your times, your habits, and what you are looking for at that moment, if you are trying to relax, if you need new energies, if in that period of the year for you, don’t do anything or be active to the maximum, and also the needs of the people you travel with, always to find a balance in time and space, and that’s why a holiday planner is indispensable to be able to translate your needs and shape them into what will be your next trip, a journey all yours but a journey where you will feel good and you will be followed from the time you start dreamind, want it, plan it, throughout the whole journey, you will have assistance even after your trip, in the moment of memories, we call it the preservation of wellness, namely you will continue to have the same feelings that you have had and lived in the journey to continue to be well, make beautiful and healthy changes in your life, and starting to plan what will be your next experience of wellness travel, tailor made , a journey with the aware that time is the greatest treasure we have and the best way to use it is to live it, but live it truly and well.

Remember that health is not the absence of disease, but a daily path in search of wellbeing, which today, with all the information we have available, could be reachable for everyone.

Thank you for being with me! Leave me your comment if you liked this chapter and if you want to deepen these curious themes.

I wish you an excellent day and a fantastic week.

Ana Laura Ramirez
You wellness travel planner.

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