The 20 most beautiful cyclo tours


Today we’re gonna talk about one of the most complete, fun and regenerating experiences i have ever had. Bike tours! and maybe you’ll have a few questions, like: Am I able to do this kind of thing? Do I have to prepare myself? What do I need as equipment? How should I dress up? In short, what is a bicycle tour in general? Here is it everything you need to know for your next bike trip:

There are many types of bike tours, for bike lovers and professionals, also entire routes where the only means of transport is cycling and you make many kilometers, or cycling tours for those who love the adventure with the MTB in the middle of fascinating scenery here it takes a minimum of skill and practice, but also cycle routes for those who love cycling and practice it constantly once a week, and then there are the tourist cycle itineraries of experience for those who know how to ride a bike but are not super cyclist or super trained, for those who are not very familiar but can do it and live a new experience, enjoy it and put a beautiful imprint in your memories.

If you are one of those who have already practiced cycling, you will know perfectly all the wonderful things that this type of experience gives you, and if you have never done I want to tell you why it can be a good idea to make a holiday with the addition of a bike tour, so you can start planning your next travel experience.

You do not have to be a super athlete, that tours are not difficult, i mean, in several routes there is a chance to ride an electric bike, this will allow you to admire the landscape, without dying of fatigue, of course if you want to do a little more effort, takes off the power and the effort will be complete. And well one of the most interesting things about cycling is that you get to see natural sceneries that you can see only if you go cycling or walking, but walking is a little more tiring and takes more time, are landscapes that are difficult to access by cars or mechanic transport, and with the bicycle you can stop at the most beautiful points to take a pictures, rest a while, admire the scenery and get the maximum essence of the place.

Tours can be done on cloudy days and sometimes even in the rain, and they are still beautiful. When you arrive to restaurants or Aziendas to take a break everything seems wonderful, because with the movement you’ve made, you’ll have begun to release a certain amount of hormones of happiness such as serotonin, endorphins, and dopamine, which when you stop for a glass of wine, you’ll be super happy, and full of new scenarios.

Most of the bike tours are guided by professional and experienced local guides, cycling enthusiasts who know all the routes perfectly, will take you to the most beautiful spots and will take care of you at all times, will explain all the details of the bike and everything about the place you are visiting, say a 5-in-one. Movement, experience, knowledge, adventure and essence in a single tour.

The best thing is to do it in company, with your sweetheart, with your family, or in the company of friends to have a super fun.

Dress comfortably, depending of course on weather conditions and if you want to ride throughout the itinerary, bring an other t-shirt, take a pair of comfortable shoes, sunglasses, sunblock, camera and your best attitude, you do not need to take any kind of equipment, at the starting point of the tour there will be a guide who will give you the bike, helmet, water and a bag to put your belongings.

In the link you can download the 20 locations where we can do cycling tours that I like most in Mexico and Italy.

If you have other routes to offer us shared whit us please.

And to start planning your next holiday where your goal is to be well, make the most of your time and know your best version, write to us and we start working on!


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