The need to detoxify & natural cleanse

Perennial tiredness, headaches, continuous colds, allergies, swollen eyes are just some of the disorders that afflict us at the end of the winter season.

This is the eighth chapter of Voyamee bits of wellness and today we would see the different forms of detoxification, and the importance that this process has for the prevention and treatment of many, many disorders.

We are in the age of speed, were everything is possible, completely and immediately, little patience, little prevention, despite the large amount of information we have available. But do we really need all this information to be well? Why do I do this premise if we have to talk about detoxification in general?
Lately i hear more super-informed people about new treatments, new remedies to be well and this is a great pleasure for me, because never as today, in this part of the world, people could have good health, but unfortunately sometimes this does not happen.

In any case, we all know that the best cure for diseases is prevention, but… what kind of prevention, only through food?

No, instead I believe that the best prevention is the information we choose to have; that is precisely how, because today, we have all the means available to us to be able to choose and decide what information we want it to enter our being. We are still flooded with media that bombard us with news and you’re still there to passively absorb, to contaminate and intoxicate you, to live feelings of anger, helplessness, sadness, hypersensitivity or even, and this would be very serious, to victimise you for situations where you can do nothing to solve them.

The consequence is that they take away so much time, so much energy and provoke negative feelings. And I want to start with mental contamination because it is very important, it is very important as the fact of healthy eating, and it is necessary to get to the awareness that everything that enters our being, i speak of body and mind, is nutrition or poison, as you choose to eat fruit and vegetables, which we all know are good for our body, you must choose the information with which you feed our mind, information, feelings and food have the same importance and responsibility … remember it!
This is the life you have now, and no one can make the choices you make for yourself.

Ok, now let’s move on to the easier part, which is that of nourishment and purification through food. The organs of our body, they do everything by themselves, they work, they clean and reproduce, they are practically a perfect machine, this perfect machine also needs maintenance, to clean the filters, to lubricate the pistons, and everything else, and this is the point, during the winter we eat more caloric foods, and this often annoys the liver that, although it is a wonderful organ because it can reproduce itself does not mean that it is not damaged. Some foods bother the liver such as alcohol, fat, flour and refined sugars, contaminate it, it is practically as if it were smog that contaminates the big cities. If we continue to impose this type of food on him, he begins to get intoxicated and to be permanently tired, pruning to the precarious digestion of fats and general functionality until he is unable to work well and support the kidneys; All this causes the appearance of dark circles, headaches, low vitality, apathy, bad breath, low energy, sometimes even depression….

According to Chinese medicine, spring is considered the liver season and never as this season you need to give a restored to your body, give a proper cleaning, a proper purification. There are many detox methods, such as diets based on fruits and vegetables or enemas of various kinds such as coffee or bicarbonate, fasting of various kinds, herbal teas and decoctions, thalassotherapy, or Ayurvedic treatments. Any method must be followed by a specialist, doctor or naturopath, but the important thing is to do something about it.

We must be aware that, like a car, our body also needs to be maintained at least once a year; your perfect machine needs to be cleaned at least once a year.

So, after having reached the conclusion that it is necessary to purify the body at least once a year, it is even more important to purify our mind.

Voyamee designs and chooses the most suitable, appropriate and effective way for you to give you the right maintenance, and does so by choosing the trip, because when you travel you will not be subject to the biggest form of contamination that is that of information that absorbs your mind. Moreover, with the right choice of food, treatments and care, the total maintenance of your being will give you the well-being you need and the prevention necessary to ensure that your machine continues to work without problems and without mishaps.

Watch all the programs on and write to me by inbox or to: to choose the detoxifying program that best suits you. Choose to live well, choose to feel well, because you deserve it!

Thank you for being with me, if you liked this video share it, share it if you believe it can help someone. Happiness, good health and success start with the right information.

I wish you a great day, a week full of well-being and good intentions.


Ana Laura Ramirez
Your Wellness Travel Planner

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