Work productivity by sport and travel motivation

Want to increase your creativity and find the system to always have a massive bumps of motivation?

This is the 12th chapter of voyamee bits of wellness and today we will talk about motivation, travel, creativity and productivity!

To achieve any kind of goal is necessary to apply a series of actions and often these actions are challenging, but not because of the commitment that require in themselves, but mainly because they do not belong to our habits, are not included in our daily lives, and fairly than exits our comfort zone, we abandon these actions and the goal begins to move further and further away. I give you the example of losing weight, i often give this example because many of us have had to do with this goal, and more or less we feel familiar, everything starts when you realize that you are no longer satisfied with the body you have, or you feel weighed down, your self-esteem is not at the stars, you lack energy and so on, at some point you decide that perhaps it is appropriate to lose a few pounds and to do so the most effective thing is to change the power supply, starting from next Monday, and often begins Monday and by Thursday is already over.

Now i explain why, because there is no action with a specific reason, or motivation, the goal. And it is just a question of changing the order of factors, for example:

  1. You are no longer satisfied with your body
  2. Value whether you now have the motivation to change your habits, value whether you are ready
  3. If so, go on, inform and make an appointment with a professional.
  4. And if not, find motivation, and how do you find it, put into action, first and essential to set your body in motion, so I immediately give you the meaning of the word motivation: motus, or “movement”, and indicates what drives an individual to perform a certain action or to follow a certain goal. And well the objective is there already, but action missing!!
  5. Make an appointment with a professional, who will help you in everything but mainly because there will be someone you have to account for, and this increases the chances that your goal will be successful.
  6. You are there now… you have already started and started is halfway through the path.

Since you will have to change your habits, i suggest you see chapter 6 of voyamee bits of wellness “Learn new habits on travel and make to becomes a fundamental part of your life where I tell you how easy it is to implement new and good habits.

What must be clear is that you must put yourself into action, that you must believe, that you must go ahead, be on the mood of movement!!

Start by moving that then you will get the inspiration, and immediately the ideas will come, the creativity and your well-being will be more present than ever.

And i try to make you understand the importance of being motivated, first of all because you’re in action, you move, know that the sedentary occupies one of the highest places in the ranking as causes of mortality in the world population, even and highest in the ranking that causes death from obesity, and then because the motivation activates the brain!

When you finish learning, you star die.

If your body is well because is active and your mind is active because it is motivated your daily life is in the 90% rake of wellbeing.
And I want to tell you one of my greatest secrets and why i think it is so important to move around to motivate you. Travel, travel with a reason, travel looking for something, travel breathing raising the air of those places, near or far, but new, different, move in these places, observe, live, and the reasons for being well will not submerge multiply, you will want to live in full this wonderful life, to know your best part and give the best you can give.

And so, i believe that the most beautiful part of the journey is in the motivation that implants in your brain and body, that healthy curiosity to know everything, that curiosity that gives you the greatest gift, that of planning to be creative in what you like most to do, that of seeing the world from a three-dimensional fascinating angle!

Today i really wanted to share this beautiful thing of motivation with you because it is one of my workhorses, and every time i lose it, i go out running, or i travel and return and continue to discover the wonder of life.

For today is everything and be ready because in the coming weeks I have a beautiful topic that are the resorts of health, I will talk about all the places, cities, health resorts, spas, full of nature and much more!

your wellness travel planner

Ana Laura Ramirez

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