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Hi, I’m Ana Laura Ramirez, founder of Voyamee.
Since 2003, together with my team, I have been working on holidays and wellness, to achieve the most important part of each trip, THE EXPERIENCE.

Your time is for us a treasure and the time you invest in your travels even more. Not only will you see new places but you will be able to experience them, listen to them, feel them.

We don’t call ourselves consultants, but UNIQUE TRAVEL EXPERIENCE PLANNERS, who will change not only the way you travel, but also your lifestyle, your habits and your well-being after returning from the trip!

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How we plan your next trip

From the moment you start to think about your trip, until the day of your return, we will take care of all your needs, with the certainty of making you live an experience focused on your passions and interests.

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Tell us how you like to travel

We will listen to your travel interests and special needs, alone, with your family or in a group, we will plan a detailed itinerary tailored to your passions, be it sports, food and wine, culture, art or wellness. We will take care of all the phases before and during the trip.

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Watch your trip come to life

From the first contact until your return, you will be constantly followed by our experts via chat, with video calls and emails, to plan every detail step by step. We are able to offer you a complete customization of all the daily itineraries, to let you get the most out of your trip.

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Live the experience to the full

Save time and enjoy the beautiful part of the trip. Everything we offer has been tested and is guaranteed by the experience of local partners. Once you have examined and confirmed the itinerary completely tailored to your needs, you will be able to relax and start dreaming of your perfect holiday.

If you're dreaming of it, it means you can do it!

Get inspired

For those of you who want to experience adventure, play sports, discover new cultures, enjoy local food and wine, and take care of your body, we will lead you through places where you can find the soul and strength to live the best.
Get inspired and get in touch with us to start planning your personalized trip today.


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