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Restore your physical and mental state through the wellness travel tailored to you!
Voyamee takes you on a journey of knowledge of your discomfort, indicating the treatments and habits to be adopted to take care of yourself, improve the quality of your life and find the best version of you. Wellness retreats, spa treatments, detoxification, ayurveda and regeneration, weight loss, wellness holiday, sports and much more to regain wellness and relax your body.

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Discover the wellness trips of the month and find the best version of you.

  • regenerate the body by break detox

    Break detox in Chianciano Thermal spa

    Rebirth of body and mind. A 5-day Detox break to restore balance by freeing the body from excess toxins with the help of the Holy Water of Chianciano Terme.

  • Relaxation and rebalancing thermal holiday

    The magic of balance, relaxation thermal holiday

    Rebalancing of body and mind plus a deep nourishment of the soul, the East combined with thermal waters is the perfect synergy of wellness that will give you, rebalance, vitality and energy to the nth power! Are you a sportsman or an athlete and you want to get fit for the next race or regain vitality after a period of competitions?!

    Restore and rebalance

    Abano Terme - Italy

    7 nights/8 days

  • Vitality and mindfulness

    Transformative travel in Slovenia, Vitality and mindfulness

    Completely new activity program that includes awareness, vitality and relaxation exercises. Awareness perceived as the cognition of the present moment in its total reality.

    Anti anxiety,Anti-Burnout syndrome,De-stress,Digital detox,Restore and rebalance

    Dolenjske Toplice - Slovenia

    3 nights / 5 nights / 7 nights


Choose Voyamee, choose your wellness

Voyamee was created with the aim of offering a travel experience tailored to your passions, focusing primarily on the knowledge and awareness of traveling in search of their own well-being.

Your time is a treasure for us and the time you invest in your travels is even more. Not only will you see new places but you will be able to live them, listen to them, feel them.

We do not call ourselves consultants, but PLANIFIERS of UNIQUE EXPERIENCES, which will help you to meet your health and wellness needs and change not only your way of traveling, but also your life, your habits and your well-being after returning from the trip.

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